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Stickers that transform your wall from drab to fab

And once you're over one set, peel off and replace with another!

Blik offers a wide range of wall stickers designed by a selection of artists and designers and pretty reasonably priced too! A great (quick and easy) way to brighten up any wall - and making for a much more playful environment.

Imaginary Castle by Patrick Hruby.

Dangly Carrot, Build-A-Bot and Doodle by BabyBot.

Sock Monkey, Skyrides and Do Re Mi Quack! by Threadless.

Caterpillar, Flutter and Cloud by Christy Flora.

Via RaneyTown.


  1. hi! your blog is beautiful. thanks for linking to us. xo.

  2. likewise with yours! thanks raneytown x



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