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"Passionately promoting excellence in the environments for young children."

The Architecture of Early Childhood began in April 2009 as a tool for collating research, inspiring thought and connecting with others for my Master of Architecture thesis conducted at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

The early childhood education and care concept has been in existence now for over a century, and has been influenced by a number of rich and diverse pedagogical philosophies. However, the architectural interpretation of these has often been underlooked or not fully understood. My thesis, and now the continuation of this blog endeavours to initiate a discussion, raise awareness and provide interested readers with a fuller understanding of which types of architecture (and other designed "things") are most conducive to young children's needs.

The topic of early education architecture is garnering interest world wide. What is needed however is intentional thought into how this architecture considers the institution's often deep and thoughtful pedagogical vision or goals.

My hope is that The Architecture of Early Childhood will lead this discussion.


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