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A kindergarten module of containers + cool magnetic interactive facades

A kindergarten that cleverly combines a modular approach reusing old industrial shipping containers with an innovative approach of colourful magnets - offering a fun way to brighten up a boring and cold facade and encouraging fun and play all at once!

Kindergarten Ajda's new modular extension in Ravne na KoroŇ°kem, Slovenia, designed by Architektura Jure Kotnik - was built to replace the small temporary container solution that the architects designed previously to provide immediate relief for lack of kindergarten space (see below).

Like a parasite the container structure attaches itself to the existing building.

The architects collaborated with sticker artists Kitsch-Nitsch to come up with a way to transform the cold steel facade into something more child-friendly.

The solution? Colouful vinyl stickers - creating an eye-catching  and interactive facade, that encourages the children to directly interact with the building.

Limited to not only the exterior, but the interior walls and doors also...what a fantastic idea that provides opportunity for collaborating with artists and that can be integrated into any early childhood setting!

When the centre decided to expand further, the three old containers were recycled and another 13 were added...

Showing the ease with which container modules can efficiently be placed on site and manage the centres' size - allowing the building to grow bigger or smaller, depending on demand.

Consisting of modules of three classrooms, two covered terraces, two washrooms and a multi-purpose entrance hall - linking all of the spaces.

The covered semi-outdoor terraces in teak wood - allow outdoor play whilst being protected from weather inconveniences all year round.

The new new addition also features a different range of magnetic stickers - which are more simplified with fewer colours and a range of different shapes, which allow the children to create their own pictures.

This project demonstrates how containers can provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for growing early childhood centres' needs - that can then be further reused and recycled and provides a good example of how temporariness and slim budgets are no excuse for the absence of child-friendly design.

And Architektura Jure Kotnik are on a roll with cost-effective child-friendly early childhood architecture, designing also the modified Kindergarten Keckec, (which I have blogged previously here) showing how a simple building can be easily modified to be interactive and playful.

Via ArchDaily.


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