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EC Regulations in NZ

  1. The Education Act 1989
  2. 2008 Regulations
  3. Standards

Section 7 explains the criteria to "assess premises and facilities" and is dived into three sections;


The design and layout of the premises should
  • support the provision of different types of indoor and outdoor experiences; and
  • include quiet spaces, areas for physically active play, and space for a range of individual and group learning experiences appropriate to the number, ages, and abilities of children attending.

The design and layout of the premises support effective adult supervision so that children's access to the licensed space (indoor and outdoor) is not unnecessarily limited.


The premises conform to any relevant bylaws of the local authority and the Building Act 2004 i.e. - Code Compliance Certificate required for any building work and/or Current Annual Building Warrant of Fitness (if required under section 100 of the Building Act 2004).


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