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A centre in France which makes good use of the ceiling and floor planes


Designed by Atelier 9.81 is the Digue Dondaines Nursery fitting out the ground floor of an apartment complex in Lille, Northern France.

Making use of the space available to them, the architects have concentrated on creating stimulation for the child inhabitants through creating both interesting ceiling and floor planes.

They also designed a nice wee graphic - which is exhibited on the surrounding walls and glass windows - allowing for design continuity, a unique edge and a bit of privacy from passers by.

The use of (a minimal) colour palette emphasises the sculptural quality of the spaces, whilst the ceiling projects white circle (cloud-like?) disks - set at different angles and heights.

Here you can see the sloping topographical floor terrain - challenging children's physical motor skills and co-ordination - whilst also encouraging play.

Via ArchDaily.


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