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A garden city of children

"The school of tomorrow will be a garden city of children; that is to say a place of many shelters - a township, if you will, of small schools built as one community but with every shelter organised as a separate unit... It is also a self-contained unit or school home; it has its own Head; it also has its own bathroom, its own equipment, and its own day, adapted to the needs of children at a specific stage of development (Margaret McMillan, 1928).

Margaret's vision for early childcare that was to liberate children from the cramped slum-conditions of industrial London.

Here, her first nursery in Deptford, London,1928 - a simple rudimentary building with a garden where the children could move and play freely and appreciate the beauty of nature. A building not so dissimilar to the ones used for childcare in New Zealand today...

Via Kindergarten Architecture by Mark Dudek.


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