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Rooms within rooms or a mini suburb?

I love the work of Japanese architects Suppose Design. Scouring through their website I found these concept images. Unfortunately I can't find any information on them.

A miniature suburb? A scattering of playhouses? Or rooms within a room?

The concept of using rooms within rooms is a concept that has frequently been adopted by architects when designing children's spaces. A tool that allows for the break down of space or scale providing children with smaller, cosier spaces to call their own.

Adopting the metaphor of a small town has also been a popular approach when designing early childhood centres - giving children a sense of belonging to a community and preparing them with life skills for dealing with the 'real world'.

Here, each mini 'house' exhibits a different form and materiality (I like the one with the blackboard surface).

Soft, colourful mats (furnishings) makes for a comfortable play surface within the 'play-house'.

Deep inset windows provides a ledge for sitting on and socialising.

An interesting initial concept... Now I would love to see it realised!

Via Suppose Design Office.


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