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Get crafty this easter

Get crafty this Easter weekend with some of these ideas from Mr Printables.

Above make a zoom zoom car for Mr and Mrs Egg to drive.

Or stack your egg creations into a cool sculpture to display or give away.

Have an Easter party with these funky egg characters - all dressed to impress!

Easter need not only be about sweet treats (and then sore tummies!) - but creating fun and memorable experiences that tickle the imagination.

Go to Mr Printables to download the free printable template files.

A home in Toronto that embraces family life

Termed the "family clubhouse", architect John Tong transformed an old industrial Toronto dairy building into a colourful playground for his three children - embracing the sometimes frantic life that entails having three young children.

The house's open-plan layout encourages the entire family to hang out together, even while partaking in different activities. While thought-out designed details are customized to the family's life.

For example above, the twins brush their teeth using the custom-built wooden step.

The backyard is treated as another room. As shown above, the table is used for family gatherings / social events, while the elevated porch is used by the kids as a stage for impromptu performances.

An old loft structure above will one day become a treehouse for the children, says John.

A carpet rug provides the ideal space for both reading and playing with trains.

To display the children’s artwork (as Maelle paints above), John designed a four-foot-high lightbox for above the staircase. The front panel is non-glare acrylic held in place with magnetic strips while low-voltage LED strips provide the backlighting. “We change the art at least every holiday and birthday,” says John.

Right, a shelf system was built for the basement, which was then adapted to accommodate the children's toys - the space becoming a playroom/workshop.

I love John's attitude of designing from the "ground up" - a method that evolves organically - that is ever-changing as the family's needs change. It is truly an attitude that embraces all of family life, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Via Dwell.

Poppin kids pieces at Peppin

Love these print poppin quality-crafted kids pieces from Peppin Boutique at Bloc.

My favourite - the Ascot Scarf Bib. Too cute!

Via Bloc.

Roof = Slide

John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere have designed a "2 in 1" community library AND playground, the roof doubling as a slide.

The Pinch, Library and Community Centre was built as part of a government reconstruction following the 2012 Yunnan earthquakes.

Situated in the mountain village of Shuanghe in south-west China, the library and surrounding plaza offers a meeting place for local residents, as well as a space where children can play and read.

"Villages in China often prioritise building houses over community spaces and community programs, even though it is an important aspect of village life," Lin told Dezeen. The new structure providing a positive and central hub for ALL the community's residents.

Simple school benches offer flexible seating, while polycarbonate plastic doors and windows front the building; the trusses extending downward to support a floating bookshelf.

It is nice to see the focus on creating meaningful community spaces for all ages that invite interaction and play being used as a catalyst for a city's difficult reconstruction process (a similar concept to Van Eyck's post-war Dutch playgrounds).

Via Domus and Dezeen.

Patterns and surface design "has no limits"

It is true what Ashley Le Quere says of why she likes 'surface design': "surface design for me is something that has no limits - it can be anything from print design for textiles, to laminate flooring to skate boards. It is forever growing and expanding."

Surface Design may include wallpaper (as shown above and which can be coloured in here), stickers (previously blogged here), magnets (like Kindergarten Ajda) and textiles (including, rugs, throws, cushions).

I love Ashley's varied and fun style - ranging from the graphic, painted and illustrated - which can be applied to a variety of applications.

A great way to brighten up any space and make it more light and playful.

Via The Design Files.

How many eggs can you find?

I used to love creating treasure (and Easter egg!) hunts for my sister and friends with treats bought from the dairy when I was young - ranging from the adventure challenge type (like hopping on one leg 10 times) to solving riddles from clues.

Therefore I love this idea from chocolate company Whittaker's who have created a Big Egg Hunt this Easter, where you and your family can join the challenge in finding the 100 eggs decorated by NZ artists and designers hidden around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

And it's all for a good cause - the event hoping to raise funds for the Starship (Children's Hospital) Foundation.

See the Auckland "egg" map below (and here);

You can even have the chance to purchase your very own egg - with Starship auctioning off all 100 after the event.

Good on Whittaker's for creating a fun and creative-inspiring event this Easter.

Via CleverBastards.

Update - there's a New York one too!

Jewellery store FabergĂ© have organised this big egg hunt for the people of New York City - who with the help of a designed app have the chance to locate 250 "designer" eggs located throughout the city.

Above is Benjamin Shine's ‘all-ways new york’ egg pays homage to the unique streets and locations that underpin the diversity of the city.

From left is Terry Richardson's egg (#188), the Ralph Lauren egg (#203) and Jan Huling's (egg#165).


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