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Svet vmes = utilising the spaces in-between

I love the philosophy behind svet vmes, a young architectural practice that transform poorly designed educational and working environments; thus utilising the spaces in-between.

I have selected a few of my favourite projects to showcase and was fortunate enough to interview the group, who have shared with us their inspiration, passion and experiences of designing for our younger population.

INTERACTIVE STREET, Šenčur Primary School, Šenčur, Slovenia, 2011

At the Šenčur Primary School, Šenčur, Slovenia, 2011, the young architects have re-designed this boring (and rather depressing) school corridor with a colour scheme (the colours also giving each classroom a unique identity), and fun interactive components for climbing on and sitting in; thus offering the children a variety of play - individual and social experiences.

UNDERGROUND CAVE, Ledina Kindergarten, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012

From storage space to a magical underground cave, this project works within the existing and rather constrained space using colour, texture, light and a multi-faceted form to create an exciting play landscape for the children attending this kindergarten. The new environment, with it's gloomy shadows, lights, secret corners and steep inclines encourages the children's imagination and tests their physical capabilities.


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