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A cool modular furniture system inspired by a children's toy

Chidori furniture designed by Japanese architects Kengo Kuma Associates is a system of wooden sticks and square planks, which slot together without glue to form tables or shelves and is inspired by the traditional Japanese toy, Chidori.

The design is a part of the East Japan Project, a collaboration which aims to facilitate a "new lifestyle" - creating highly flexible products that can evolve into many forms, using time-honored materials and techniques, and utilising natural, local and sustainable materials.

All values that I feel are in tune with the type of thinking that can be applied to early learning environments - flexible, modular systems utilising local knowledge and materials.

Such a system could perhaps work quite well in the EC centre... (Apart from perhaps those sticky-outy ends, which may cause a few sore head bumps!)

Via Dezeen.


  1. Simple yet stunning, Plain wooden planks, which can be evolved into awesome furniture.



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