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Help Norman Brosterman republish 'Inventing Kindergarten'

Norman Brosterman's book 'Inventing Kindergarten' was a key source and inspiration for me when writing 'The Architecture of Early Childhood'. And now he needs our help.

See his video (above) and go to Kickstarter to help Brosterman fund and bring back a fine and still very much relevant revelation into the revolutionary Froebel 'Kindergarten' education.

The book, illustrated beautifully (like the above image shows) tells the compelling story of the birth of the 'kindergarten' and draws links between it's education methods and the following influential 'modern' era. In fact, giving evidence that suggests Kindergarten was a key driver in providing the inspiration and tools for much of the modern art and architecture to be realised (such as Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture).

The book is interesting, captivating and beautifully presented and written. I wish Brosterman the best of luck in reaching his goal. 

Via Robbin Brosterman and Kickstarter.


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