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The "Story Pod" is a simple yet clever black box that folds itself out to reveal a trove of books

Here sits the Story Pod - a shining example of how architecture (even small and simple as this) may impact a community - providing pockets of space within the urban framework that invite interaction, rest and contemplation.

Conceived as a community project, the Story Pod is an inventive gathering spot for learning and engagement created by the efforts of both private and public supporters.  Atelier Kasteli Buffey completed the architecture and design pro bono. HollisWealth provided funds for construction, while Scholastic Publishing and the Newmarket Public Library supplied the initial collection of books.

Simple boxes are layered to create seats and nooks for inhabiting. 

The simple material palette of clear oil stained ply and lumber sits in contrast with its black exterior.

Traditional board and batten is made modern with sleeker battens at closer spacings. Made wider where glazing offers views to the books inside.

Simple, yet well considered and detailed. These simple insertions into our built environment for all ages to enjoy provide places not just spaces.

Via Dwell.

A clever and sensitive adaptation of existing buildings into community spaces to be enjoyed by young and old

Designed by FON STUDIO in China, Town Folktales is the first installment of the regeneration of a collection of old 1950s buildings that used to contain a printing plant.

The first two old brick and tile buildings have been cleverly and sensitively re-imagined with a restrained yet bold language of curving white forms and geometric insertions (void and extrusions) playfully adapting the empty space into zones catering to a variety of uses.

Building (or Depot) A's entry features a bold white curving geometric framed form complete with wall-light and signage.

Building (or Depot) B's entry features a square black framed extrusion with green accent internally..

The open and flexible architectural programme include spaces designed for dining, reading and creative activity for the community. 

Love the ribbon-like laminated timber panelling curving around the walls to form bench seating, window shading, book display and cupboard storage.

Book shelving is integrated with the drop-down ceiling bulkhead helping to frame the space, whilst being semi-transparent to allow light and visual hints to permeate through

Folding sleek black steel framed joinery is used to subtly divide space internally.

Materially (and aged) woods are pared wtih contemporary laminated timbers and smooth white plaster.

Overall, Fon Studio have created a winning space for this Chinese Community that is inclusive of all (young and old) whilst protecting and giving new life to a collection of existing and un-used buildings.


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