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A new patio transforms an existing nursery into a "living landscape"


'Puzzle Piece', a designed canopy, situated in Spain and designed by Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos has won the ‘World’s Best New and Old Building’ award at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2011.

The design has been described by one judge, Trillo de Leyva, as "a new organic landscape that grows against the rigid typology of the original building...the bright colours and soft shadows turning it into a living landscape".

The brief was to design a cover for the original building's patio to provide a naturally ventilated area giving the young children protection from the sun and rain whilst engaging in play.

The canopy structure is suspended from the existing roof structure (as seen above) - whilst the minimal pillars assisting support are coloured different shades of green - like a forest - they enable the kids to swing on and interact with them, whilst blending in with the surrounding vertical striped coloured walls.

Here are the architects concept diagrams, which takes into account people's circulation, rain and sunlight.

An example again of how an addition (like Baupiloten's) can transform an existing centre - to one that is a more living experience for the children.

Via DesignBoom.

And the overall winner, winning 'World Building of the Year' is this office building in Barcelona, Spain designed by Cloud 9

Picked for its ambitious, imaginative and bold approach of tackling issues of sustainability (it is almost a net zero building), the head architect Ruiz-Geli on accepting the award said he hopes the building will act as a 'seed for an environmental revolution' - and with his children (top left) he added, 'these are our clients' (his son Lago helped with choosing the green colour that dominates the building).

Yes, Ruiz-Geli, nicely said - children should ALL be our clients - they are in fact our future...

Via WAF News.


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