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A retreat for both parents and kids to take time out from their shopping in

Designed by Clare Cousins Architecture a 'parents retreat' located in Melbourne Central:

Clare Cousins recently conducted an interview with The Design Files where she spoke about her life and work.

One of her projects was this 'retreat' for parents and their children within a shopping mall in central Melbourne, a project that stood out as a unique and innovative example of a space that considers the needs of children and their parents (an idea that has so far been neglected in many city places).

Here is a space that provides parents room to comfortably feed and change their children, whilst also providing a safe and fun environment for children to relax and play in...

A space that encourages parents and children to take time out, have a rest and recharge before getting back to their shopping, with comfy chairs and playful elements such as ropes for swinging on and climbing, nooks for hiding...

Now it would be great to see this type of thinking applied to many more public spaces within the city - making for more relaxing, playful and friendly environments.

Via The Design Files, Clare Cousins Architecture and Melbourne Central.


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