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Architects and designers in Italy collaborate to create a range of playful products


Play+  aims to "better the quality of children's environments" extending upon Reggio Emilia's wider research on children's environments.

Designers from around the world share one vision, yet offer multiple perspectives through "listening" to children and interpreting them into designs - making richer sensory play experiences for the children.

The Play+Soft range of products are soft furnishings intended to enhance the landscape of the environment for young children - through a variety of textures, finishes (smooth, rough or elastic) and a chromatic range of colours (instead of red, yellow, blue).

The idea behind the range is that an environment for children should not merely be a "backdrop" to a series of activities, but rather a protagonist in the construction of the identity of each child - fostering "self-learning" and creating a place that supports and stimulates the child's growth and development.

3D Landscapes

Dunes, waves, flower & stalk, hills, sandscape, landscapes and 'play' platform...


tier, atoll, loop, cocoon, island, puddle, igloo, crossing and holes...

Transformable seating

molecules, snake, on-off cilinder, on-off cube, chaise longue, big, sofa, key stone, bugs...


u-seat, star-seat, zot, beach bench, dome chair, doum pouf, oumi seat, swiss cheese, chocolate...

Play structures

swing, waves, smell tunnel, mirror triangle, cone swimming pool, lem, 3d hut, cactus, mirror labyrinth, soft dino...


flower mats, lenses, supergigaballs, quicksand, gum, foldup, discs, leaves, open-close mats...

Modular forms

tetris, slices, sqary, solids, 3d forms and mirror solids.

Quite a range! It is great to see architects and designers from all over collaborating to create furnishings that can easily transform an environment into being playful and 'child-friendly'.

Via Play+.


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