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A day-care winning proposal in Copenhagen that creates a dynamic and changing landscape

Here is the winning design proposal for a day care centre - 'marthagården' by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter + Leth & Gori Architects to be located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark amidst two existing villas and a garden.

The design works to create a protected and diverse environment for children to play, learn and relax - supporting and encouraging the pedagogical aims for children's successful development.

A rich diversity of spaces - the design includes a sunken courtyard, a rooftop playground of varying levels and a series of underground passages.

The design integrates architecture, design, nature and technology into a cohesive structure that grows out of the site.


A section.

An axo showing the organisation of spaces and connections to the existing structures on the site.

Here is a design that proves a building can in fact be a playground - creating a rich and diverse variety of experiences for children - like that of nature.

I look forward to seeing the finished building.


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