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A NZ designed toy for all ages to enjoy (and learn from!)

New Zealand company the Think Farm has designed Cuboro - beautifully crafted blocks which once arranged becomes a marble track where you can watch your creation in action!

Designed originally as a simple three-dimensional puzzle game for special schools - the "toy" was developed for its ability to teach kids thinking strategies and to improve concentration and cooperation.

And this is not just for the kids! The blocks have also been designed for corporates to alleviate stress.

From Werner Jundt, 2005: "According to the modern neurobiological research the human brain keeps up its ability for modification for life. Thinking strategies can therefore be improved and trained until old age. With its seemingly endless possibilities for combination cuboro offers limitless challenges. The player can improve cognitive abilities such as three-dimensional and combinatorial thinking and operational planning while at the same time improving concentration and memory. This "toy", originally designed for children, has proved a "mind-challenger“ which not only entertains but leaves a lasting effect in players of all ages."

Whilst fairly pricey - the toy looks sure to last, to be passed down from generation to generation - meaning countless hours of engaging (and challenging) fun!

Watch a video of the "toy" in action here.

Via Urbis Magazine.


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