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A visually interesting fit-out for a day-care centre in New York that aids children's development

St Clare's Parish Early Childhood Development Centre interior fit-out designed by Studio 16 Architecture PLLC constructed in 2001

This renovation design for a child-care centre within an existing Parish centre was inspired by young childrens' developmental needs for play.

Vertical elements were inserted, whereby "all surfaces are activated", designed to engage and facilitate function and use - storage, shelving, display as well as interactive and interpretive surfaces to encourage interaction with the environment.

The design also encompasses two horizon lines: one at 7-15cm's for the young children and one at normal head height for the adults.

There are two types of space: the secular and the transcendant/abstract. The secular is defined by the warm colours embedded in the floor design (from red to yellow), which denotes bodily and tactile sensory experience, whilst the curving lobby wall and the fragmented art room establish a free-play sensory experience heightening the phsyical (haptic) experience of space. The second type of space, the transcendant/abstract are the classrooms and are more cerebral and suitable for more structured activities of learning.

Colours from red to purple depict the Catholic teaching: "God promised the children a rainbow". At innumerable moments the inter-play of colour and form fuse.

Via Architzer.


  1. Yes, they have really applied the concept of the 'activation' of all surfaces.



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