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French architects: SOA have created a number of child friendly designs including the Gavroche Centre for Children

This multi-care facility and games library - Maison De L'Enfance or the Gavroche Centre for Children designed by SOA Architectes in Saint Ouen, France merges in with the site's contextual surroundings and creates a place for social interaction and shared community public spaces. The building is part of a wider urban development scheme situated around the Victor Hugo Garden.

The centre is a place for educational leisure - where children and adolescents are able to develop their unique individualities through collective games and workshops.

The building's functional organisation evolved around the central hall - which is the focal point of the centre, which is entirely open to the public (like a street).

The staggered timber boxes create a number of outdoor terraces, and flexible orange screens mediate the amount of sunlight allowed to penetrate the interior space.

Street view.

Colour is used inside to separate the interior 'zones'. Open spaces and light wells - offern natural ventilation and lighting and transparency between the spaces.

The circulation space is defined by the use of the colour orange - which enables easy orientation throughout the building.

Rendered axonometric showing the buildings plan and layout. Nature has been considered and integrated into the buildings spatial layout - creating a dialogue between the inside and out.

Via DesignBoom and ArchDaily.

SOA has also completed a number of other educational facilities, all of which have a wider concern for the community - providing additional facilities and landscaped public space:

Nanterre School designed in 2010 and located in Sainte Genevieve, Nanterre - 15 class school and children's leisure centre.

Environmental Creche in Saint-Gratien.

Crèche and nursery school extension in Krüger, Rue de Colombes, deisgned in 2012.

School and Children's Leisure Centre designed in 2010 and located in Saint-Pierre-Les-Nemours including a nursery school, canteen, leisure centre, club house, landscaped playground and town hall.

All designs are environmentally conscious - and use both natural materials - concrete and wood and artificially composite materials introducing colour deliberately to space to further enhance it's characteristics.

Via SOA Architectes.


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