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Kids in Museums

I like to see initiatives that recognize children as competent individuals with abundant creative ideas and skills waiting to be realized. Therefore Kids in Museums gets a big tick from me. Their goal = to encourage museums in the UK to welcome children and families.

Their main event is Takeover Day. Held once a year, museums can sign up to invite children and young people to take over the museum for the day. Where among other things, children, wearing "I'm taking over stickers" meet and greet visitors, set up exhibitions, gather stories to tell and design visitor guides. As the Kids in Museums website says - "there was nothing children couldn't do - proving how putting them at the heart of a museum makes it a vibrant and exciting place to be, full of fresh ideas and new perspectives."

Museums are places full of potential for learning and of creative possibility. And if given the chance, may provide children with memorable experiences.

One museum, the Moderna Museet museum in Stockholm is offering what looks to be a fantastic artistic workshop experience - love the large space with artworks and paint all over the floors, walls and tables.

Every Sunday is Family Sunday, where children aged 2-6  are taken on a tour of the museum and then taken to the beautiful workshop where they paint, draw and sculpt using what they've seen and learnt as inspiration.

Looks like such fun!


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