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Cool, calm and collected is this kindergarten in Austria

Too often do I see architecture for children that grasps for attention and gives an overly simplistic definition of play. The Susi Weigel Kindergarten in Austria however, speaks a language that is understated, unpatronising and purveys a sense of calm and reasoning.

Bernado Bader Architects have employed a simple box form with large windows offering superb views of the surrounding mountains, trees and meadow landscape. Subdued yellows and blues are paired with the natural grain of fir and pine wood sourced locally.

The kindergarten is named after Susi Weigel (1914-1990), who was a local children's story book writer and illustrator.  Homage is paid to Weigel, with illustrations from her books embellished on the glass doors dividing space (see above).

And here is an excerpt from one of her books, The little I am me;

On the colorful flower meadow
a colorful animal walks,
travels between green stalks,
wanders under hemlock palm trees,
is pleased that the birds sing,
looking forward to the butterflies,
would be that it can look forward to.
But then ...
But then
disturbs a tree frog its peace
and asks the animal: "Who are you?"
As it stands and supports
and looks puzzled
the frog's face:
". I do not know"
The frog croaks and asks: "Nanu
A nameless animal are you?
Anyone who does not know how he is,
he who forgets who he is,
which is stupid! "


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