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An Apartment for Kids

This renovated apartment designed by Ruetemple in Russia has an entire section dedicated to the youngest inhabitants of the house.

Termed the "Loft Apartment" - it is indeed designed like a loft. Or a treehouse of sorts. It is in fact similar to an early childhood centre design I did as part of my thesis studies.

An architectural pallette of pale wood and light helps to provide a sense of space. While a layering of elements, including vertical wooden slats, criss-cross mesh, boxed storage walls, horizontal railing, safety netting, ladders and a whiteboard wall is combined to create a multitude of living and playful experiences to the apartment space.

The diagram above showing where the child can go as opposed to the adult.

A large space to play - with bean bags offering a place for rest.

A steep narrow stair case goes up to the loft level, as does a ladder, which goes up the wall. Seen right is the loft or "attic". Clad entirely of plywood and housed with large cushions, it makes for a restful space in which to do some quiet activity.

A whiteboard wall allows for brainstorming sessions and/or for purely creative expression.


An Apartment for Students

Ruetemple have also designed a similar apartment, except for students.

Again boxed storage walls, stairs, skylights and built-in desks are combined cleverly to maximise the use of space.

All ideas which could quite easily be translated into early childhood environments. Although those stairs look potentially rather hazardous!


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