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How many eggs can you find?

I used to love creating treasure (and Easter egg!) hunts for my sister and friends with treats bought from the dairy when I was young - ranging from the adventure challenge type (like hopping on one leg 10 times) to solving riddles from clues.

Therefore I love this idea from chocolate company Whittaker's who have created a Big Egg Hunt this Easter, where you and your family can join the challenge in finding the 100 eggs decorated by NZ artists and designers hidden around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

And it's all for a good cause - the event hoping to raise funds for the Starship (Children's Hospital) Foundation.

See the Auckland "egg" map below (and here);

You can even have the chance to purchase your very own egg - with Starship auctioning off all 100 after the event.

Good on Whittaker's for creating a fun and creative-inspiring event this Easter.

Via CleverBastards.

Update - there's a New York one too!

Jewellery store FabergĂ© have organised this big egg hunt for the people of New York City - who with the help of a designed app have the chance to locate 250 "designer" eggs located throughout the city.

Above is Benjamin Shine's ‘all-ways new york’ egg pays homage to the unique streets and locations that underpin the diversity of the city.

From left is Terry Richardson's egg (#188), the Ralph Lauren egg (#203) and Jan Huling's (egg#165).


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