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A home in Toronto that embraces family life

Termed the "family clubhouse", architect John Tong transformed an old industrial Toronto dairy building into a colourful playground for his three children - embracing the sometimes frantic life that entails having three young children.

The house's open-plan layout encourages the entire family to hang out together, even while partaking in different activities. While thought-out designed details are customized to the family's life.

For example above, the twins brush their teeth using the custom-built wooden step.

The backyard is treated as another room. As shown above, the table is used for family gatherings / social events, while the elevated porch is used by the kids as a stage for impromptu performances.

An old loft structure above will one day become a treehouse for the children, says John.

A carpet rug provides the ideal space for both reading and playing with trains.

To display the children’s artwork (as Maelle paints above), John designed a four-foot-high lightbox for above the staircase. The front panel is non-glare acrylic held in place with magnetic strips while low-voltage LED strips provide the backlighting. “We change the art at least every holiday and birthday,” says John.

Right, a shelf system was built for the basement, which was then adapted to accommodate the children's toys - the space becoming a playroom/workshop.

I love John's attitude of designing from the "ground up" - a method that evolves organically - that is ever-changing as the family's needs change. It is truly an attitude that embraces all of family life, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

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