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Play England - Making Space to Play is an initiative whose purpose is to ensure that children and young people in England have the space and opportunity to play freely as part of their daily lives - at school and other services, at home, and throughout the public realm.

As part of the initiative, Play England organise the following:

They have also created a number of highly useful resources, including this report written in 2007, Seen and Heard: Reclaiming the public realm with children and young people.

The report stresses the need for children to have access to spaces for play, and that 'children denied space to play are repressed' (Voce, 2007).

Whilst 'play' has taken a backseat to 'training and equipping' children for later life, there is now accumulating evidence and a growing concern that the lack of play spaces is causing real and potential harm to our children.

As Adrian Voce (Director of Play England) says, 'Without regular time, space and permission to play, children are denied the right to be themselves, to follow their own unique agenda. The consequences for their quality of life, health and development - and, by extension, their future life chances too - are serious.'

The report provides background information such as children's health and development needs, issues such as pressures on the built environment and current attitudes towards children and finally some recommendations for example listening to children and collaboration between children and all other parties involved.


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