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A fun and playful design for a kindergarten in Tromso, Norway which utilises flexible 'playing walls'

This kindergarten designed by 70ºN Arkitektur is interesting for its approach of flexible and varied transitory 'playing walls', which the children can interact with in a number of ways - drawing, hiding, moving, climbing....

Each side caters for a different 'activity' - shelves, drawers, blackboards, climbing partitions, puppet show sections...

The use of natural materials, varied sized openings and complementary colours creates a child friendly design.

The interior 'play walls' are designed to be moved, to allow the space to be used in a number of ways.

The centre takes into consideration the "activation" of all surfaces - natural light wells, artificial lights, varying surface materials, different shaped cut-out extrusions....

This approach to designing an early education centre shows the opportunity present for a modular 'set of parts' for retrofitting existing centres - enabling flexible components that cater for different functions, activities and experiences.

Via 70ºN.


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