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A competition proposal for a kindergarten in Riga which utilises a large park space connecting to the wider urban surroundings

This proposal for a new kindergarten in Riga, Europe by ARHIS Architecture is interesting not so much for it's design (the rendered design images really quite awful hence I am not showing them), but for its idea of classroom spaces wrapping around a large park. Providing children with a constant visual and physical connection to nature and also connecting to the nearby structure. The diagrams below show this scheme:

The idea here is of mixing public and private space, and using the early learning centre as a way for providing public park and landscaped 'play' and recreation space, thus improving the urban environment.
Looking at pedestrian flows and making connections with the wider surroundings.

It is a shame that the structure is so static and institutional standing in such contrast to the surrounding free-flowing landscaped park.

Via DesignBoom.


  1. Intresting project. But from 2011 this area is still empty! And for sale. One and half million Euro. :(



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