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Daycare Center La Mercè by BmesR29 Arquitectes + Montserrat Giné in Spain - Blurring the boundaries between inside + outside

This daycare center in Spain attempts to blur the line between inside and outside with elements protruding and sliding past one another with ample use of glass and (which seems a common theme) the use of the colour green...

Green, which I feel to be a bit cold for a centre which is supposed to conjure feelings of warmth?

Like many contemporary ECE centres, the design seems to be similar still to the 'modern' prefab classrooms.

This corridor reminds me of a hospital - the sterile vinyl? flooring, cheap alumnium (cold) window frames, and generic lighting.

I am guessing this central courtyard will be landscaped with a children's playground, sandpit etc? But reminds me a little of a prison courtyard now....

Where are the windows?


Images taken from archdaily.


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