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A striking light-filled voluminous form is used at this kindergarten in Colombia

Conceived of as a large cabin, La Leroteca (part of the 'Lero Lero' kindergarten in Cundimarca, Colombia) is comprised of largely two types of space. Downstairs a white walled art (painting) studio with easy access to the outdoors, and upstairs a warm timber-walled cavernous space for more quiet (reading and writing) activity.

Designed by Lacaja Arquitectos with the supervision of Gloria Serna Meza, the bold and simple form is clad in horizontal timber slats cleverly incorporating a flower garden within. One face (seen above) features a large powdercoated black steel framed window displaying the children's colourful artworks.

Two ends reveal large windows allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate the internal spaces, whilst carefully placed strips of window are used to frame the mountainous landscape on the other side. Connection to the outside is also provided from the top floor via external stairs.

A building of simple forms and spaces, yet providing a powerful sense of warmth and homeliness whilst encouraging creative pursuit.


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