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A cafe with swings, playrooms and tables with coloured pencil holders

Parents to two children, Mariela Vergagni and Diego Cores envisaged a a cafe where children could have just as much fun as their parents.

Seeking the help of architect Íris Cantante, they set out to see their idea take life.

The result is Fii Fun House, a cafe downstairs and event space up.

The design uses the idea of breaking down space with simple wooden hut shaped structures, vertical slat fencing and a wide variety of furniture.

Swinging seats, fabric cushioned pods, bench seats and a children's playroom all work to provide choice for the customer user and ensure all are comfortable.

The tables even have pencil and crayon holders embedded in them for children (or adults too!) to use and express their creativity.

All cool ideas for an EC centre or any space in fact that considers our youngest users.


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