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Architects and the people of Venezuela pitch in to create spaces FOR community

A fantastic initiative, the Espacios de Paz (Spaces for Peace) project in Venezuela is turning “zones of danger” into “zones of peace” through participatory design in violent areas of the country.

Led by Venezuelan firm PICO Estudio, the project involved architects and the community in a 6-week long workshop. By transforming unused spaces such as empty plots and unregulated landfill areas, the projects sought to create “social dynamics that invite new ways of living in communities, transforming categories that rule the daily life: the use of time and space.”

The initiative's focus was to create “a space built not only “for” the community but “by” the community,” and shows how a little thought and a new built structure can be a seed for regeneration and instill a sense of community back into a space.

It is a relevant methodology to apply to the ethos, and design and construction of early childhood centres.

Via ArchDaily.


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