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A kids drawing of their dream school is made into reality as a "soaring ark"

The 'Rainbow Ark Soaring in the Sky' school designed by Japanese architect Kikuma Watanabe was brought to fruition to alleviate poverty in the Sangkhlaburi Village in Thailand.

Due to a desire to a provide a better future for the children, the village teacher asked the children to draw the school of their dreams. One, a flying ship, was then translated into the design.

The design is comprised of solid round 'earth bag' volumes on the ground and a floating, light steel and bamboo structure with a grass roof above.

The earthbag domes conceived as "launching pads" that supply the ship with the energy of mother earth.

The upper structure as a ship that is soaring in the sky.

The school has become a successful place for the community to enjoy studying, playing, and praying everyday.

The round volumes create a sense of comfort, security and warmth, and are used as a prayer dome, entrance dome and classroom. The upper "soaring" spaces used as a Buddhist room and classroom.


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