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A centre in Colombia's Medellin sows a seed for improved education and architecture

The Carpinelo Kindergarten is one of a number of new educational facilities "mushrooming" in the poor Colombian city of Medellin - a city that suffers inequity, war, drugs, trafficking and ecological instability.

Designed by Ctrl G Estudio de Arquitectura, the large early childhood facility is conceived as an organism - the modular form responding to the local topography. A concrete canopy links the various forms, adding unity to the complex structure.

The use of a Voronoi diagram-type arrangement gives way to a multitude of inner gardens, classrooms, teachers’ rooms, and open courtyards serving as playgrounds. By multiplying and rotating, spaces undergo both centrifugal and centripetal forces, bound by diagonal blue-steel frame ramps, which act as gently inclined runways that let the children run and explore freely.

The project forms part of a wider vision for: an improved transport system, schooling, housing and public spaces, the cleaning up of the rivers and streams, building police and security centres and inaugurating business development centres.

The 'kindergarten of gardens' is to sow a seed for change - instilling and strengthening community spirit.


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