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Mirror House Kindergarten - a whole new way to look at play

The Mirror House, by MLRP Architects reflects - literally - the play of children. 

It is a serious, yet fun approach to play - as Tommy Honey in Urbis says: "What makes this house hot it its attitude to its users and to its environment. It takes children seriously and they are better for it."

"Funhouse mirrors" clad the exterior wall and interior of the doors - engaging a play with perspective, reflection and transformation, and creating a sympathetic transition between built and landscape and reflects the surrounding park, playground and activity.

The design demonstrates how a material such as mirrors may simply be used to transform what would otherwise be an unremarkable building into something fun and memorable....

Transfixing the young - forcing them to interact with it (and themselves).

A simple plan ensures it is open to a variety of uses.

Via Urbis.


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