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What are your earliest memories?

I was looking through old photos the other day, and oh the memories...

Of my little sister and I having picnics with our teddy bears, making tents in the garden to sleep out in, and here, one of my favourites, this old tree in the park down the road that had a ladder reaching up onto a platform that was wedged into an old pine tree.

Here is my sister (in the green t-shirt) and I (in the pink) - sporting matching outfits made by our clever mum.

I remember this moment exactly - the view of the surrounding park (with the cows grazing), the view over towards Auckland city, and the fear I felt of not wanting to go too close to the edge!

Unfortunately the tree was with its viewing platform was cut down for being too "unsafe" - I remember that sad moment too.

As designers we must reflect back to our earliest memories - to gain a deeper understanding on children's experiences of space.

So, what are your earliest memories?


  1. What an important thing to remember! If we do not remember what it is like to be a child, we cannot design for children, or create curriculum for them.

    I remember playing at my parent's work - an apple farm. When we were young, my sister and I used to play in the big apple crates, pretending they were houses and castles. I imagine that children would love to play in a giant wooden box still now, in the age of technology!

  2. Yes, thanks Allie! I think boxes are still one of children's favourite play items even today - for it's open ended possibilities...

  3. very cool! I lost all my early photos in a flood in the 1980s.. Wish I still had them. Steve.



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