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A school in France that nestles itself among the treetops

Buffon School in Thiais, France designed by Edouard Francois & Duncan Lewis, 2005.
Images and text taken from the book: Inspired by Nature: Plants - The Building/Botany Collection

The idea to build a school in the form of a treehouse was conceived by the children and made a reality by architects Edouard Francois and Duncan Lewis. Using the original buildings, the brief was to expand the facilities to cater for more children. The architects took this opportunity to give the buildings a new life - raising them 3 meters off the ground, offering views of the neighbouring park and providing space for play underneath.

The originality of the project was not only in the structural effort required to elevate the classrooms, but also the insertion of the volume between two rows of trees that provide structural support. The facade features vegetal forms concealing the structure and blenidng it with the surrounding trees.


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