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Makedo came from a love of making, and not just simply making, but making do, to make something new... Love it!

Using design to inspire social change through playful creativity, to inspire children (or adults!) to use their imagination, and to use what is around them.

Makedo is:

A reusable connector system for creating amazing objects and spaces from recycled materials.

Free play.


Created as a cleverly designed system of parts- connectable components and safe tools... 'saw, punch, connect, angle'.


 You can then upload your creation to share with others.


Kids can either use their imagiantion to create unique designs, otherwise use makedo's suggestions which come with simple diagrammed instructions.

See their cool video introducing the concept here:

As seen on The Design Files Guest Blog - How to... makedog, the first ever creation made using makedo's reusable connectors:


Woof woof!


See these simple instructions:


Via The Design Files.


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