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A cool "cubby" that's like a gypsy wagon and mini contemporary home in one

The Cubby House Challenge is an annual auction held in Melbourne raising money for the Kids Under Cover organisation to prevent youth homelessness.

A previous blog post on The AEC covered some of the fun (and wacky) entries to date. Below however is one of my favourite home fitout designers' 2015 entry - designed by the Doherty Design Studio and built by Visual Builders.

The Vardo Hut was designed by Mardi Doherty, whose inspiration came from memories of her own childhood: "Cubbyhouses represent some of the happiest times of my childhood and, today, play an essential role in my own children's recreation and creative development. I wanted our Vardo Hut to stimulate that same happy, escapist feel for other children, while also sitting in harmony with the garden."

Doherty Design's previous projects have displayed a knack for crafting spaces that pay close attention to materiality and detailing - combining a sense of play with functionality.

And the Vardo Hut continues this sensibility, the form mimicking the frontage of a traditional Gypsy Wagon and the fitout utilising a selected material and colour palette to create a number of fun and intimate "chill out" spaces.

The exterior's curved semi-transparent platic roof cleverly allows light in, whilst the forms vertical timber slat cladding fitted with mesh for creeping plants and a ledge for storage and display creates a homely feel. A ladder to a loft and various sized circle window cut-outs with tilted shutters invite the children to interact with and manipulate their environment.

The multiple points and methods of entry engaging the young mind and offering a sense of adventure, whilst encouraging physical development through the use of co-ordination and gross motor skills.

Inside, a natural ply structure, wall and joinery finish is combined with artificial grass, a black net and coloured window and cabinetry inside faces.

The hut won People’s Choice Award and sold for $9000.00 at an Auction, the highest price reached out of the six entries and well over its reserve of $6500.00.

Via Habitus Living.


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