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A stepped centre in Japan with tree-like columns

Hakusui Nursery in Chiba, Japan designed by Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop makes use of it's gently sloping site by creating large terraces or steps providing both physical fun and different zones for different activity.

Interspersed with these "steps" are custom-designed platforms (stages), cubbies, railings and enclosed "pods" for more quiet or private activity.

All sides of the steeped centre are characterised with floor to ceiling glass and large sliding windows and doors enabling fresh air, sun and access to the outdoors for play.

Natural ply is used for the floors and "steps" while pine is used for the many and varied structural columns - creating an effect like being in a forest. Appropriate for it's location next to a large wooded mountainous park nearby.

Colour is used sparingly giving identity to the various enclosed "pods" or rooms.

A unique feature of the nursery is the way the sloping roof collects rainwater and lets it gush over the edge of the roof as a waterfall - providing a fun water play area for the children.

On the top most side a large deck is also provided further encouraging the use of the outdoors for healthy play.

Via ArchDaily.


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