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Rowena's colourful art brings vibrancy to public spaces - why not commision or engage young children to do the same?

Rowena Martinich interrupts "dead" or "seen but never noticed" spaces with her vibrant brush strokes - giving to the passer-by an experience that makes one stop, contemplate and be inspired.

From Claire Anna Watson: "Today, the role of the public artist is to inject our cities, our urban and public spaces, with imaginative and creative possibilities. Public authorities realise that creativity has its place in enlivening spaces and encouraging community members to imagine – to be inspired, to feel reawakened."

It is a concept that reminds me of the Reggio preschools in Italy, whose first Diana Preschool featured large grid-like floor to ceiling windows - where children's semi-transparent or cut-out artworks were proudly displayed (see bottom-right).

It makes me wonder if children's creative capacities are in fact being utilised in the public realm, and the possibility for children to collaborate with artists in creating transient, "pop-up" artisitic installations. What a fantastic project not only for children, but for the wider public!

See below for a selection of Rowena's works in Melbourne...
  1. Chromacut - collaborative between Rachel O'Connor and Rowena Martinich nad young artists with artwork displayed on the glass facade of the SIGNAL youth arts space in Northbank, Melbourne. Artists have used luminous paints and vinyl cut outs to create a giant sticker installation in conjunction with night-time projection.
  2. Chromaphos at Euroluce - Shattered forms and luminous brushtrokes splay across the façade of Euroluce’s Melbourne showroom.
  3. Dagmar Rousset - Colourful knitwear storefront.
  4. Common Gesture - a 136 square metre painting installation adorned the facade of Building 15 at RMIT University - one of Melbourne's largest ever public paintings.
  5. Chromaphos at Euroluce - Shattered forms and luminous brushtrokes splay across the façade of Euroluce’s Melbourne showroom.
  6. Viachroma - Dandenong Station - a 17m long, double sided painting installation on the pedestrian overpass of Dandenong Station where more that 8,000 commuters passing through every day.
Love the way the colourful painted cut-outs upon the glass create moving and vibrant shadows implying a sense of play...

Via The Design Files.


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