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Monstrum creating unique monster playgrounds across Denmark


Ole B Nielsen, founder of Monstrum with Christian Jensen began his monster playground building journey after being given the opportunity to build a playground at his son's kindergarten.  “Designing playgrounds is an unpretentious and fun mix between sculpture, architecture, scenography, craftsmanship and pedagogy,” says Nielsen.

Going against the standardization seen across the playground industry, Monstrum believes in allowing each location to influence the design and inspire the theme. Whimsical arrangements of distorted buildings, giant monsters and transporation vessels provide a fantastical environment where children can let their imagination go.

There is no plastic, flashy gadgets or components, rather Monstrum have opted for a more traditional and simple approach of using wood and screws - crafted into a variety of imaginative forms.  

Says Jensen, “What makes our playgrounds unique is that kids are not able to figure out how to use them just by looking at them. They have to explore it. When they are running or climbing through the playground there is not only one right way. They have to consider a lot of options and paths assessing their motor skills and safety. This creates continuous movement."

Via Colossal and Dwell.


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