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Thesis progress...(round 2)

Here is a selection of pages taken from the first half of my thesis marked: 'An historical framework', and which leads on from my last thesis update: round 1.

I hope that this theoretical framework will offer a foundation to understanding the 'roots' of early childhood education and how they might relate to their architectural expressions.

Next up is part two: Defining an early childhood architectural typology (a brief).

This section breaks down the various components of the architecture of early childhood and discusses the implications of various architectural expressions for young children. This section is devised as a kind of guide for both early childhood practitioners and architects.

There is still more to come here, so keep posted!



  1. goddamn that looks sharp. Will the final thesis be available to the wider public? a complete pdf or something?

    1. Thanks! Yes I think I shall (if I can) upload it as a pdf when it's all done.

  2. simply Love this great blog about a very important aspect of ECE. Good luck with your thesis!

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  4. Aw thanks, i'm so glad people are enjoying it :)



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