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Architects collaborate with children and the wider community to provide an inclusive building to be enjoyed by all

Harraby Community Campus impressively encompasses not only a primary school and two early years' nurseries, but also includes facilities for the wider community, such as a community centre, refurbished arts theatre, cafe AND children's centre.

The sharing of space and resources providing the people of Harraby a sense of vibrant community.


Seen above is the architects' conceptual sketch.

Section showing the "layered" approach of roofs of varying shapes and scales.

The town of Harraby, once a village, was, during the post-war years converted into housing estates as seen below. The surroundings are therefore characterised by two-storey terraces and semi-detached villas displaying an image of layered roofscapes, and beyond, open farmland.

In response to this context, the architects Atkins Global created a building that abstractly represents the surrounding disrict with its undulating suburban roofscape. Where the expression of the nursery, school and community elements are articulated as a series of linked, but distinct pavilions (or "houses"). Proudly, each pavilion is crowned by a translucent lantern - a beacon - that internally helps light the spaces within.

Home bases

Each pavilion or "house" forms the classrooms or home bases for the primary school each connecting to the outside with large sliding doors. 

Each of these pavilions are designed as informal learning areas with breakout spaces between, providing many types of learning space, like a 'devolved active library space'.

Custom built-in joinery (desks, storage, internal windows and doors) serves the functionality of the childrens' learning activities.

Town squares

From left, the buildings' ground floor plan, roof plan and its siting showing the surrounding context.

Like the roof echoing the surrounding town, interior spaces are organised around the metaphor of a traditional town - with streets and squares. For example, the community cafe and school hall is articulated as a square or gathering place with its large volume wrapped with spaces for movement and views to the external garden courtyards.

Seen left is the school library, whilst right is the school hall with connections internally and externally.

Overall, the considered and well-researched design (which incorporated a collaborative design process) reinforces key themes of learning, gathering and community under one roofscape that is inclusive and welcoming.

Photographs taken by Andrew Lee. Project submitted by Atkins Global.


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