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A fab prefab...

Whilst not exactly related to early childhood prefabrication is a theme that comes up frequently as an option for designing schools for the advantages of cost, where parts are able to be mass produced in a factory and delivered to the required site.

Here is one such example of a beautifully designed prefabricated house (or bach), designed by Patrick Frey and Björn Gött:

Summerhouse Piu Making of from Patrick Frey on Vimeo.

The slight angled roof and high clerestory windows allows sunlight to flow into the space.

I love the slatted wood detailing, which allows for a beautiful shadow effect, that moves with the time of the day.

A deck wrapping around the entire building allows for direct relationship with the surrounding nature, and to follow the movement of the sun.

Simple, yet elegant...

Sliding doors leading into the bedroom, allows for the space to be open, or free flowing, or to be closed off.

Check out the detailing - the edge of the deck, the horizontal slatting theme is carried through beautifully. The skin of the building seems alive and breathing.

The simple plan is clever with it's use of space - the kitchen and bathroom sharing the water system down the centre of the building, and the use of minimum partitions...


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